Russell Crowe Gets Some Eva Longoria Action in Las Vegas (Pics)

Don’t worry, Russell Crowe what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Which is great news for Russell’s wife Danielle Spencer because Russell was felt up by Eva Longoria. Check out the photo with her hand resting on his inner thigh. For further evidence see the TMZ TMZ”>gallery there re photos of them leaning in to talk in each other’s ears. But then it was noisy right?

I know if I was Russell Crowe’s wife, Danielle, left at home with two kids, I would be pissed. But that’s not all, clearly Rusty has some fabulous man scent on or something because he also saw some man-on-man action from Marc Anthony, J-Lo’s plus one. Now that is disturbing.


The photos were taken at the Lavo Lounge.