Some people look better with age. Pamela Anderson isn’t one of those people

Former Baywatch babe and lead consumer of Chinese plastic goods Pamela Anderson was out and about over the weekend, and we can still hear the children she scared screaming.

The still buxom Anderson looks like a crack whore dragon, or maybe just Whitney Houston (but white) in the shots above and below.

We’d normally crack a botox gone wrong joke at this stage, but this isn’t the result of botox, it’s more like she’s melting. She was rumored to be dating Michael Jackson a while back….maybe freaky looking is now a contagious disease. One thing I will say though: if this is what you end up looking like when you don’t eat KFC, I’m off to buy myself a tub of the Colonel’s Finest.

Not safe for small children, pregnant women, or people with a weak constitution.


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