Marines Lip-Sync To ‘Greased Lightning’ [Video]

Who said marines don’t know how to have fun? When they aren’t volunteering their services, it seems like the brave men and women of the marines are having a grand old time with the latest viral sensations of the day. Keeping their sense of humor in tact while staying active, past performances by the marines have included many of the hit songs we hear every day on the radio including top charting songs like “Call Me Maybe” and “Telephone.”

Recently a video emerged of the Swedish marines having a little fun with an old classic. The Swedish marines decided to one up the ante by lip syncing to Grease’s iconic song “Greased Lightning”. While we have seen marines lip sync before, these Swedish men decided to throw in a little something extra for a staged version of the popular Grease song. This included the dance moves from the film and a room that doubled as a “garage.”

In total 18 men gathered to reenact “Greased Lightning” to create their very own viral hit. We have to admit, looking at all of the viral videos from the different men and women of the armed forces, and this video done by the Swedish marines definitely takes the cake. Not only is it the most elaborate display of performance, but it was shot using multiple angles. Who knows how long it took for the men to edit this footage together? Their video definitely goes beyond just getting a high-grade for effort. As far as we’re concerned, they smashed the “competition.”

The last viral video to hit the web that was related to the marines, consisted of two men busting a move at a more formal event. In November a video went viral when two marines had a dance-off at the US Marine Corps Ball from 2012. During the dance-off the two marines danced to Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”, and to the delight of those around them, were moonwalking and performing the robot, as guests hollered for more.

While the Swedish marines didn’t break out into the moonwalk or the worm, the team work they brought to the performance is a sight to see.

Check out the newest viral video of the marines taking on an old favorite.