Jeremy Bieber: ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Reportedly Encouraged Justin To Smoke Pot, Drag Race

Jeremy Bieber is accused of being a “deadbeat dad” who encouraged his son to take drugs and may have helped set up the drag race that led to the pop star’s arrest this week.

Justin was spotted with his father in the day prior to his arrest, and sources close to the pop star say his father has only recently returned to his life, bringing with him a bad influence. Some have even suggested that Jeremy Bieber encouraged Justin to race on the morning of his arrest.

The elder Bieber lashed out at those reports this week. On Friday the famous father went on Twitter to vent his frustration toward those spreading “lies” about his son’s arrest this week.

“I can protect my kids, but I can’t protect them from you and your lies. Believe in the truth not in the lies of the enemy. #reallife,” he tweeted on Friday.

The message may have been in response to a report that said Jeremy Bieber was with his son when he was taken into custody. According to TMZ, Bieber’s 38-year-old father was not only present with Justin, but also helped block off a residential street so this son could drag race in a rented Lamborghini.

The report went on to say that Jeremy Bieber was in SET nightclub with Justin as he drank and smoked pot. Justin reportedly admitted to being under the influence of pot, alcohol, and prescription drugs at the time of his arrest.

“And Justin’s dad was right there in the mix,” TMZ claimed.

While it’s still not clear whether Jeremy was with Justin Bieber at the time of his arrest, he was spotted in Miami with Justin earlier in the week, taking his 19-year-old son on a trip to the beach just hours before he was arrested.

Jeremy Bieber is not the only one in Justin’s inner circle speaking out about the arrest. His manager and friend Scooter Braun also sent a public message of support to the pop star.

“@justinbieber love you and i will act in the manner of someone who truly cares. that is all I have to say,” Braun tweeted. “thanks for all those concerned.”

Though the famous dad remains defiant, more reports are piling on Jeremy Bieber and his actions with his son. The UK’s Daily Mail branded him a “deadbeat dad” who only recently came back into Justin’s life, and said that his own drinking and fighting troubles are leading Justin down the wrong path.