Bruno Mars Song ‘Count On Me’ Used In Hyundai Super Bowl Ad

Bruno Mars will be all over the Super Bowl this year.

Not only is the Grammy-nominated singer scheduled to play during the Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show, Hyundai recently snagged one of Mars’ songs for their upcoming commercial. The ad in question will air during the annual sporting event next month.

According to Billboard, the Bruno Mars track “Count on Me” will appear in the advertisement for the 2016 Hyundai Genesis. The spot — which carries the title “Dad’s Sixth Sense” — features the singer’s music, but Mars didn’t assist the car company with the ad’s creation.

Hyundai’s marketing vice president Mark Shannon insists that their decision to choose a Bruno Mars song had nothing to do with his involvement with the halftime show. Shannon explained that it was purely coincidental.

“The most critical thing for us is we need lyrics that really help us tell our story, and as we listened to ‘Count On Me’ and the key lyric, ‘1, 2, 3 and I’ll be there…’ it clearly summed up what we’re trying to say. Even though it’s one of his lesser-known songs, it’s our way of sharing it to a broader audience,” Shannon explained.

He added, “[Bruno Mars] had such a sweet voice on this song, and the way it’s presented is so genuine and heartfelt without being treacly or sappy.”

The Bruno Mars Hyundai Genesis ad isn’t the only spot the car company is running during Super Bowl XLVIII. Shannon said the manufacturer also intends to pimp their Elantra with a commercial entitled “Nice.” Hyundai tapped stand-up comedian Richard Lewis and Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki for the advertisement.

Instead of using a sweet Bruno Mars song to push the automobile, Shannon said the car company is aiming for something a bit more humorous.

“I’ve always loved Super Bowl ads — the commercials during the game are always the highlight for me. In this Hyundai spot, there’s a car chase, there’s explosions, and even a car jump,” Galecki said in a statement.

Of course, Hyundai isn’t the only company that scored a few big-name celebrities to pimp their respective products this year. GoDaddy used NASCAR driver Danica Patrick in their latest spot, while the folks over at Bud Light decided to grab Arnold Schwarzenegger and a few other big names for their commercial. Even if the game itself is boring, at least you’ll have plenty of potentially nifty commercials to stare at.

What do you think about Hyundai using a Bruno Mars song in its Super Bowl ad?