Weather Channel Is Incredibly Overpriced, Says DirecTV CEO Mike White

The Weather Channel was recently removed from DirecTV, a decision that caught quite a few subscribers completely by surprise.

According to DirecTV CEO Mike White, there’s a very good reason why the company decided to part ways with the popular weather news network. In an open letter addressed to customers, White explained that the Weather Channel simply isn’t worth the price they’re currently demanding. As a result, the channel was cut from the lineup.

The DirecTV CEO insists that Weather Channel viewership has dropped significantly since people can get up-to-date information online and from various apps. White also explained that the company has received numerous complaints about the increase of reality programs on the network in recent years.

“We conducted a very thorough evaluation of the usage and value of The Weather Channel, and we determined it was worth one-quarter of the price The Weather Channel is demanding for their programming,” Mike White wrote in his letter to subscribers.

Although White explained that he hates discussing contract disputes in public, he feels that the Weather Channel’s reaction to DirecTV’s decision has ultimately forced his hand.

The CEO continued:

“Contract talks with any channel are always extremely complicated and difficult. TV Networks feel it’s their absolute birthright to be paid more and more each year for the same content they offer, regardless of how many customers actually watch their channels. But in each negotiation we represent the interests of all of our customers, and try to strike the best possible deal we can, so it in turn has less impact on your monthly bill.”

Not surprisingly, the Weather Channel feels a little differently about the situation. In a recent statement, the network said DirecTV’s decision has absolutely nothing to do with saving their customers money. In fact, the Weather Channel feels Mike White and his associates are only focused on their profit margins.

“If dropping The Weather Channel saves them money then their customers should soon see a rebate or price cut. Most importantly, we are extremely confident in our value and give no credence to DirecTV’s ‘studies,'” the network said in a recent release.

To convince DirecTV to change its mind, the folks at the Weather Channel put together a website that gives subscribers a chance to voice their opinions on the matter. The site also provides customers with a list of DirecTV alternatives and their pricing plans in case they feel like jumping ship in the near future.

In the meantime, DirecTV subscribers currently have access to something called WeatherNation. The network is reportedly available at a fraction of its competition’s cost.

Are you disappointed that DirecTV decided to part ways with the Weather Channel?

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]