Winnipeg has their hockey team, now they must sell some tickets

The Atlanta Thrashers have been sold to True North, and they will be relocated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. We do not know what the new moniker will be but by all reports and rumors it looks like the Manitoba Moose is the leading candidate. I do not think that they will keep the Thrashers name, nor reuse the Jets nickname. Beyond that this team now has some serious business to attend to. The goal for this team is to sell 13 thousand season ticket packages by June, 21st when the NHL Board of Governors will meet to officially approve this move.

With that the team has already announced several season ticket packages for its home games in the MTS Center. Already I have a problem with how they are going about this. Under the new plans the best seats center ice, lower bowl will require fans to make a five year commitment to get season tickets there. That is a lot to ask of a population that has grown use to paying minor league hockey prices for the past 15 years.

I understand what True North is doing it this way. Atlanta is a big time TV market and has a lot of population to attract fans from. Winnipeg has none of those things and the new ownership wants to prove to the NHL that having a team back there is financially viable. However none of their current season ticket packages is for a single season. Even seats in the nose bleeds, upper bowl end ice, have a three year commitment. There are of course half season ticket plans, which also carry multiple year commitments.

That may not mean a thing for NHL starved fans in Manitoba, but as an advocate for fans rights I had to say my peace on the matter. I sincerly hope this team prospers in Winnipeg, and I am very happy hockey is back where it belongs.