Kanye West: His ‘Ugly’ Baby Desperately Needs Waxing, Says Joan Rivers

Kanye West probably isn’t very happy with Joan Rivers right about now.

Everyone knows that Rivers will make fun of anyone, including her own daughter. So it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that the snarky comedienne recently took aim at Kanye West’s baby during a recent show in Los Angeles. If the North West waxing rumors aren’t true, then Rivers definitely thinks Kim Kardashian should revisit the idea.

According to reports, the Fashion Police co-host caught a glimpse of Kanye West’s baby when Kim brought the child to the E! offices. To say that Joan wasn’t impressed with their genetic collaboration is a serious understatement. In fact, Rivers was reportedly downright cruel in her assessment of the child.

“That baby is ugly… I’ve never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing,” Joan Rivers told an audience at the Saban Theater.

Since Kanye West is very protective of his daughter, it’s probably only a matter of time before the rapper or his fiancé decide to weigh in on the matter. Of course, this is assuming that Joan Rivers actually made the joke. Given the nature of internet rumors, there’s always a chance this is whole story is completely untrue.

Rumors that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were having their daughter’s eyebrows waxed started popping up after the reality TV star posted a photo of the baby on Instagram. A lot of people seemed to think that North West’s eyebrows were a little too perfect in the photo.

Once the eyebrow drama reached a fever pitch, a representative for Kanye West and his wife-to-be decided to address the rumors. According to the spokesperson, the reports were nothing short of “completely ridiculous.”

Kardashian wrote, “Do people really think I would wax my daughter’s eyebrows so young? Come on, I’d wait until she’s at least two-and-a-half! I’m kidding! It’s pretty sick for people to insinuate that I would wax my daughter’s eyebrows. They are thick, natural, and amazing!”

Here’s the photo of North West that kicked everything off.

Kanye West definitely has his plate full of drama at the moment. Not only is Joan Rivers making fun of his daughter, he’s also in hot water for allegedly punching an 18-year-old several times in the face during an altercation in Beverly Hills. West is also apparently having some trouble securing a venue for his upcoming wedding.

What do you think about Joan Rivers making fun of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s baby? Do you think the comedienne was out of line?