Watch This Daredevil Survive Brave/Stupid Bike Base Jump On Bolivia’s ‘Death Road’

“A fairly stupid idea that goes mildly wrong.”

It’s a touch reserved in assessing the idiocy of the situation, but the above quote, which opens the above video, serves as good as any description of an anonymous “daredevil” base jumping on a bike at Death Road in Bolivia.

That’s right, combining BMX stunt and extreme adventure parachuting from a fixed structure into one big ball of idiotic risk.

It’s natural selection at work, folks.

Yungas Road, as Death Road is more properly known, has been called “the world’s most dangerous road” in a report from the BBC, which estimates that Death Road claims between 200-300

Even the folks at, who hosted the clip on Vimeo and provided support to the unnamed risk taker/crasher, deride the lack of intelligence involved in the spectacle. The title, “Death Road base jump… on a bike… movie – yes as stupid as it sounds,” tells us that much.

Recently we were contracted to provide logistical support, rescue support, and medical contingencies for a B.A.S.E. jumping “experiment” off the Bolivian Death Road. Unfortunately the jump didn’t go quite as well as planned as you will see in the video, however I am pleased to report that owing to all the advance rescue and medical support preparations we were able to extract the “crasher” quickly and he suffered only minor injuries, specifically as he puts it: “a broken arse, fractures in his forearm, and cut tendons in his knee”. We would also like to thank the Bolivian Search and Rescue guys who helped us out from: Grupo SAR Bolivia 2ºCompañia Santa Bárbara.

What do you think of this daredevil’s experiment/stunt at Death Road?