Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Denied Nuptials At Marie Antoinette’s Palace

Kim Kardashian may yet have a wedding fit for a queen, and there will probably be cake, but her version of a royal wedding to hip hop king Kanye West will not take place at the French Palace of Versailles.

It was at the same Palace that the extravagant-living wife of France’s King Louis XVI, according to legend, told starving peasants to “eat cake.” Though it is now generally accepted that Marie Antoinette never actually spoke that phrase, it seemed believable at the time of the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette, along with the palace where she resided, came to symbolize of the callous indifference of the aristocracy toward the struggles of ordinary people.

Marie Antoinette was tried by a Revolutionary Tribunal then beheaded on October 16, 1793. But Kim Kardashian will avoid any association with the ill-fated French queen. Though, along with her fiancé Kanye West, she paid a visit to the palace over the weekend, sparking rampant speculation that the mega-celebrity couple were eyeing the “let them eat cake” venue as the site of their wedding, the palace staff quickly put the kibosh on those rumors.

When Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were granted a private, after-hours tour of the palace, they were required to sign a “liability waiver” which included, according to the French Press Agency, the pledge, “I do not have any intentions of planning any large wedding event with the Chateau de Versailles premises in the future.”

Chateau de Versailles is the French term for the palace.

The couple also granted permission for palace management to release their signed “waiver” to the press, should journalists become curious about whether the reality TV star and her rapper fiancé were considering a palace wedding.

And inevitably, the press did express just such curiosity. So the palace responded with a statement on its official Twitter account, stating without any ambiguity that the couple would not have their wedding at the palace.

Kim Kardashian, if a source who blabbed to E! Online is to be believed, will be sorely disappointed by the palace’s laying down the “no nuptials” law. The source told E! that both Kim and Kanye were “really impressed” by their tour of the palace.

“Kim in particular is really in love with the place,” the source confided, noting that the callipygous Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was “raving” about the menu offerings from the palace kitchen, which include foie gras, truffles, sliced veal and other French delicacies. Maybe even cake.