Britney Spears Rocks See-Thru Top As Ex-Fiancé Shows Off Beer Gut

They say living well is the best revenge and Britney Spears has certainly taken that lesson to heart. The 32-year-old “Work Bitch” singer was not afraid to take a shopping trip clad in a black sheer see-through top that showed off her newly fit form as well as her black lace bra.

Unlike, say, Kim Kardashian who was last spotted shopping at a Tom Ford boutique in Paris, France, the unpretentious Britney Spears wore her latest show-off ensemble to a Target store in Calabasas, California, a Los Angeles suburb in the San Fernando Valley Monday, according to The Daily Mail.

Who knows if Britney was trying to send a message by flaunting her physique? But the timing was, shall we say, interesting to say the least. Her see-it-all shopping excursion came the same day that her jilted fiancé Jason Trawick posted a selfie shot on his Twitter account of his more-than-ample beer gut that flopped unceremoniously over the waistband of his sweat pants.

Us Magazine had that charming story.

Britney Spears for her part, despite her boasts of constant trips to the gym to maintain her figure for her grueling two-year residency at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, did not appear to be getting too worked up about her diet regime. She was photographed clutching a large, half-consumed bottle of Orange Crush soda.

Each eight-once serving of Orange Crush contains 130 calories and 34 grams of sugar — and nothing else of any nutritional value.

The bottle held by Britney Spears appeared to be of the 24-ounce variety, meaning that if she finished consuming the beverage, Britney Spears would have downed 390 calories and a brain-splitting 102 grams of sugar.

Nutritionists generally encourage limiting intake of sugar to no more than 50 grams per day. As for Britney Spears’ caloric intake, that single bottle would have dosed her with the same number of calories as a McDonald’s “McDouble” cheeseburger. But at least the McDouble contains 23 grams of protein as well as significant amounts of dietary fiber, calcium and other nutrients.

As for Jason Trawick, he appeared to have been living on a diet of nothing but Orange Crush, or maybe just beer, since breaking off his engagement to Britney Spears a year ago.

Trawick was Britney’s former agent and the couple were an item for two years, finally agreeing to tie the know in December 2012 only to ditch the whole relationship about a month later.