Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Reps Team Up: Issue Identical Denials Of Fake Graphic Texts

Selena Gomez was not at Justin Bieber’s Calabasas, California house on the night an egg-throwing attack took place at his neighbor’s home and of which the Canadian superstar is accused, despite reports by a tabloid outlet stating otherwise.

Gossip Cop reports a source close to Gomez told the website,

“Selena was not at Justin’s house, and in fact, was not even in town [on the night of the egging] ” the insider said.

Accordingly, the police raid at Bieber’s house last Tuesday in search of evidence that might connect the “Boyfriend” singer to the egging, has nothing to do with the Rudderless actress and she will not be questioned as she was not in Los Angeles, Gossip Cop adds.

The latest denial follows Radar’s decision to publish yet more speculation on the basis of an exposed scam text conversation. The outlet — who have been called out before over bogus claims — are bullishly ignoring a statement of denial from Gomez’s representative who has said histrionic text messages and nude pictures claimed to have been sent from Justin’s cell phone are “Not real.”

Mail Online obtained the denial from Gomez’s representative, Jill Fritzo, on Tuesday after Radar went to press with the reportedly false text conversation on Monday.

They did so despite TMZ previously reporting the messages and nude photos were fake and had been shopped by an ex-pal of Bieber misrepresenting them as real. TMZ even published extracts of the conversations and said one of the texts said a drug intervention for the idol would take place at 11:30 pm on January 16, which then didn’t because it was fake dialogue.

In the texts, the faux Gomez and faux Bieber argued dramatically with each other, lobbing insults such as “addict” and “U r sick” from the bogus Selena to an equally bogus Bieber. “Talentless p****y” and “You’re only famous cuz of me” were fired back from a fake Justin to the still fake actress-singer.

For IQ’s previous report on TMZ’s heads-up on the text exchange scam click the highlight.

In addition to Fritzo’s denial, a Gomez representative told Access Hollywood,“These texts did not occur between the two of them.”

Meanwhile, Bieber’s rep moved one syllable and told E! News, “Those texts did not occur between the two of them.”

Nevertheless, Radar is alleging Gomez was at Bieber’s on the night of the egging but left before the infamous incident. At which point, the tabloid claims two girls Kristina and Lynn came over to the 19-year-old superstar’s house.

This is of course speculation and appears to be based on texts which have been dismissed as false more than once. Furthermore, it is a seemingly damning example of a gossip outlet’s decision to try and bluff its way out an exposed scam, rather than simply admit, “This didn’t happen, lets move on.”

Bieber and Gomez sparked reunion rumors earlier this month after they were sighted riding Segways near his home, were seen in an tender Instagram, and later spotted on a break in northern California.

The impression given was of a couple far removed from the warring, insanity of the alleged twosome in Radar Online’s gossip item.