Liam Payne Of One Direction Defends His Tweet Of Support For ‘Duck Dynasty’

Liam Payne — of the British boy band One Direction — got in some hot water on Saturday after sending some support to Willie Robertson of the embattled reality TV show Duck Dynasty.

In case you didn’t hear, Phil Robertson the Duck Dynasty patriarch made some very controversial comments about gays and blacks in an interview with GQ magazine.

The comments led to Robertson’s suspension by A&E, even though the new season — which premiered earlier this month — already had all its episodes filmed with him present.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, this is what Liam Payne tweeted that got him on so much trouble:

After getting slammed with negativity, as some fans of the young singer thought he was endorsing Robertson said this:

Liam Payne’s innocent comment created a storm of controversy and he has been forced to defend himself in subsequent tweets as followers and non-followers piled on him and he was obviously losing his patience:

Liam Payne was actually accused of being a “homophobic”, pretty much:

Liam Payne was clearly annoyed that he couldn’t express his opinion on social media and went on a rant as you can see from his tweets. We will see what tomorrow brings for the One Direction band member.