The Bachelor Recap: Drama Ensues As Juan Pablo Makes Out With Contestants, Eliminates Two

The Bachelor kicked into gear on Monday night, with Juan Pablo Galavis making out with a handful of contestants and setting the house against one another as he narrowed his way down to 13 women vying for the final rose.

While he was making headlines outside the show for some strange remarks, back on Episode 3 of The Bachelor, Juan Pablo was enjoying some time in the sun and getting to know the remaining women. For Juan Pablo, this meant more than a few makeout sessions and planning a pool party that brought the claws out on some contestants.

This is the first Bachelor episode since Juan Pablo Galavis said in an interview that he doesn’t think there should be a gay version of The Bachelor, telling The TV Page that it would not be “a good example for kids.”

This week Juan Pablo apologized for the remarks, saying that his words didn’t come across as he intended them.

“I want to apologize to all the people I may have offended because of my comments on having a gay or bisexual Bachelor,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “That comment was taken out of context. If you listen to the entire interview, there’s nothing but respect for gay people and their families.”

But none of that was addressed on Episode 3 of The Bachelor, which instead kept the drama between the contestants.


In the episode, Cassandra drew the first date card, which read “love is a wild ride.” This ended up being a water sports adventure, taking a dip into the ocean in a submersible Jeep as the two connected over their children.

Cassandra stripped down to a bikini and jumped into the water, getting pretty intimate with Juan Pablo already.

Back at the house Juan Pablo showed Cassandra some of Camila’s drawings and then cooked for her. After talking a bit more about his daughter, and telling Cassandra that he likes that she’s a mother, Juan Pablo handed her the first rose of the night.

Later on, Juan Pablo took 11 of the girls on a group date to a soccer stadium, where he shows off some of his soccer skills (Juan Pablo noted that he gave up the sport when his daughter was born).

After soccer concludes, viewers of The Bachelor saw the women changing into cocktail dresses so Juan Pablo could spend some more one-on-one time with them.

Juan Pablo seemed to dive right in, making out with Sharleen and Andi, and handing a rose to Nikki (even though he only gave her a hug, no kiss).

Next, Juan Pablo had a one-on-one date with Chelsie at a Venezuelan restaurant, followed by bungee jumping. Chelsie confided that she’s afraid of heights, but after Juan Pablo reassures her she was able to take the plunge. She and Juan Pablo make out a bit as they hang upside down, tethered to their bungee cords.

She too got a rose.

As Episode 3 of The Bachelor neared its conclusion, Juan Pablo Galavis invited the girls to a pool party, which became an excuse for them to gawk at his body and show off a bit themselves. Of course, it also led to some cattiness between girls and accusations of “whore” and “slut” got tossed around and contestants worried who is getting a kiss and maybe more from Juan Pablo.

Chris Harrison then came to take Juan Pablo away, and as the girls gathered for the rose ceremony Chris told them that Juan Pablo is more confident than ever that his future wife is among the women.

The conclusion of The Bachelor saw Juan Pablo hand out 13 roses. The first was given to Andi, followed by Renee, Kelly, Sharleen, Elise, Kat, Alison, and Clare. Lauren came next, leaving one rose remaining. After a typically long pause to build suspense, Juan Pablo gives the final rose to Danielle.

That meant The Bachelor ride came to an end for the two eliminated contestants, Christy and the “free spirit” Lucy.