‘Basketball Wives’ Drama Packed This Season, Says Shaunie O’Neal

Shaunie O’Neal has opened up about the upcoming third series of VH1’s Basketball Wives, and the former Mrs. Shaq says the drama level is high.

O’Neal says, however, that she won’t be ragging on her athlete ex-husband. Although the pair divorced in 2007, she says it’s important to keep it positive for their kids:

“It was important to me, because we have kids, that we stay cool,” she said. “We don’t have to be BFF. We don’t have to talk every day or anything like that, but we’re parents first and it’s important that we stay good.”

Shaunie, who has a new line of shoes in the work as well as an additional VH1 series and a book, does say the series will delve into the “personal” in the upcoming episodes:

“Along with our normal drama you’ll get to dip into the ladies personal lives a little more,” said O’Neal, who executive produces and stars on the series. “More kids, you’ll get to meet some of the ladies parents and hear their story a little more. It becomes a little more personal this season.”

Basketball Wives season three premieres tonight.