PS4 In Stock More Often In The Future, Sony Aims To ‘Kick Microsoft’s B*tt’

With PS4 in stock issues apparently rising, Sony has a game plan which they claim could “kick Microsoft’s b*tt.” They are planning to produce 1.4 million units a month, which is roughly a third of the sales they achieved by the end of 2013.

With the console launch wars of Xbox One vs PS4 officially over, Sony claimed the victory. Microsoft just couldn’t make up for their terrible PR in the months after the official announcement, as Sony focused the PlayStation 4 on gaming instead of trying to make it a universal entertainment console. Sony learned their lesson from the PlayStation 3, but apparently Microsoft is going to need to learn it themselves with the Xbox One.

With the demand showing Sony having trouble keeping the PS4 in stock after the holidays, the game plan is clear in the coming months of the PS4 vs Xbox One console war. As long as they keep enough consoles being produced, they should be able to satisfy consumer demand in the future and outsell the Xbox One.

In the latest Bonus Round videocast, senior analyst Michael Pachter had quite a few things to say about the future availability of the PlayStation 4:

“Sony’s 4.2 million through December 31st, they didn’t start manufacturing til September 1st. You know that. I mean we would have seen picture of the assembly. They manufactured 1.4 million a month? And you cannot commit manufacturing capacity for less than a year, so their manufacturing plan is 16 or 17 million PS4. That’s Shocking. … I’m amazed by how ambitious Sony is being with this launch, and impressed that they’re executing it. So Sony fully intends to kick Microsoft’s b*tt next year. But the good news is, add those two numbers together… 28 million consoles next year? Is that even possible? That’s Shocking! I mean these guys sold 22 million in a peak year in the past, so these guys are thinking big, big, big, that will attract more software, really good for consumers.”

It seems Sony’s plan to keep 1.4 million units of PS4 in stock every month hasn’t changed since its launch. The law of supply and demand will probably work in their favor in that case. As they keep the consumer waiting a little, the consumer wants the PlayStation 4 even more, and every shipment sells out.

Hopefully it isn’t the “blue light of death” that keeps gamers buying more PlayStation 4 consoles like it may have been with the Xbox 360. Whatever the cause, Sony plans to keep the PS4 in stock and selling faster than ever.