Justin Bieber's Allegedly Deluged 'With Drugs' House Gets Police Pass

Page Mackinley

Justin Bieber "ain't worried about nothing" and maybe with reason. Reportedly the police raid at the singer's Calabasas, California, address revealed a house allegedly teeming with drugs and drug paraphernalia.

But, according to TMZ, because Los Angeles County Sheriff's investigators were searching for video surveillance material and possible evidence that might specifically connect the teen star to a egg-throwing incident at his neighbor's house, the alleged drugs found were outside the scope of the felony search warrant.

However, they were allegedly inside Bieber's mansion.

Citing unnamed sources connected to the investigation, the gossip site alleges cops came across two "large cookie jars filled with weed in plain view," and three "bongs" - one in the television room and two in the kitchen during the raid

There's more.

Police allegedly found distinctive evidence of "sizzurp" use (also called "lean") by the 19-year-old and his companions due to foam cups marked with names. "Sizzurp" is a street cocktail mix of prescription cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine with fizzy drinks.

Sources reportedly close to the star alleged to TMZ that Justin's tipple of choice is Actavis Prometh, a high strength cough syrup that's only available by prescription in the US, or from locations outside the States. The so-called "champagne of sizzurp," it can cost as much as $800 a pint, and is said to be popular among certain communities in music and sports.

Recent reports have claimed Bieber also takes prescription pills including Xanax, as well as alcohol and marijuana.

It's alleged police saw between four to five "empty codeine bottles" in the star's residence, but couldn't seize them as it "exceeded their search warrant," which was only authorized to remove surveillance equipment and possible egging-linked items.

The allegedly illicit reveals continued.

Cops apparently fell upon a room dedicated to the business of consuming marijuana, including hookah pipes.

During the raid Bieber's live-in pal, Xavier Smith (Lil Za), was arrested on suspicion of felony drug possession after police allegedly saw MDMA - a form of ecstasy - and possibly Xanax "in plain view." The rapper was later arrested for felony vandalism. Definitive testing on the drugs is reportedly still pending.

According to TMZ, Justin was detained in his garage during the initial part of the search as investigators swept through his house.

Lt. David Thompson --- lead investigator in the felony vandalism and assault case --- told the New York Daily News he personally attended to the Canadian in his kitchen at another point in the raid.

Although the singer was not charged during the operation, at the Tuesday, January 14, post-raid news conference Thompson said the singer was "neither arrested nor exonerated." As the investigation yields its evidence police are reportedly hoping to unequivocally identify the house-egger, who allegedly caused $20,000 in damages two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Bieber has sloped off, literally, to Aspen, Colorado, for a snowboarding trip with friends.

Very possibly glad to be away from the goldfish bowl of a celebrity-dense Los Angeles, the pop prince appeared relaxed in the series of selfies and videos he posted to Instagram on Saturday --- even singing French Montana's "Ain't Worried Bout Nothing" in one clip.

Bieber singing French Montana's "Ain't Worried About Nothing" In Aspen, Colorado.

But even though the singer may not be worried, Justin's team and others close to him are reportedly concerned about his alleged drug use and said to be urging the young star to accept professional help and consider rehab.

Radar Online previously reported that Justin would be treated for behavioral issues and recreational use of drugs.

However, a source allegedly told the outlet there are no immediate plans for the pop phenom to enter rehab.

(Video: Via Ryan Butler Vimeo).