Madonna Apology For Instagram Racism: Is It Enough?

David Cornell

Madonna apologized for what was considered Instagram racism, and has begged her fans for forgiveness.

For a pop star who took the name of a religious figure, Madonna has certainly fallen from grace. After posting a picture of herself with her son Rocco Ritchie and a comment containing a variation on the N-word, she allegedly removed the comment after fan backlash. Her initial reaction wasn't graceful at all, as she replaced the racist comment with, "Ok let me start this again. #get off of my d--k haters!"

Apparently Madonna took some time to reflect on the ramifications for what she had posted, adding an apology this morning.

Aside from her Instagram racism, the comment she had initially used seemed to be praising her son's boxing efforts using the lyrics from the famous LL Cool J rap song. The wording was initially:

"No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out!"

The apology was as follows:

"I am sorry if I offended anyone with my use of the N-word on Instagram. It was not meant as a racial slur … I am not a racist. There's no way to defend the use of the word. It was all about intention … It was used as a term of endearment toward my son who is white. I appreciate that it's a provocative word and I apologize if it gave people the wrong impression. Forgive me."

— People magazine (@peoplemag) January 18, 2014

Madonna seems to be back to shocking people, and this time it's online. A previous incident involved a New Years photo on Instagram showing her son holding an alcoholic beverage. She quickly defended the photo, saying that he wasn't drinking it, just holding it.

This is the same pop star who kept making music videos that only aired at night for their controversial content.

Is Madonna's apology for her Instagram racism enough? Can the internet forgive the "material girl" for getting out of line once again?