Keira Knightley Stuns At ‘Jack Ryan’ Premiere, Discusses Marriage

Keira Knightley stunned at the premiere to her latest film, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which took place at the Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

Knightley wore an alluring style of eye shadow, that made her look mysterious as well as astonishing, on Wednesday night. The 28-year-old then happily posed alongside her co-star, Chris Pine, while wearing a navy Chanel dress.

US Magazine have reported that Knightley was assisted by Kate Lee, who used Chanel products to create her look.

Lee told the publication, “I wanted to keep her looking more of the moment, and so we went for a navy creamy smudged eye. The dress was quite formal, and with a red lip it may have looked almost uniform, so I decided to do the eye to make her appear a little more mysterious.”

She continued, “Next I reached for Chanel Limited Edition Illusion D’Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in Apparition, which is a beautiful shimmering navy to melt away the lines and give a soft effect.”

Lee explained, “Blue powder pigment can be tricky, so I would recommend trying a cream shadow like the one I used, because it’s easier to blend and take away what you don’t need.” Lee confirmed that she finished by curling the lashes and applying one coat of Inimitable Mascara in Noir.

On the red carpet Knightley, who play’s Jack Ryan’s fiancee, Cathy Muller,’ in the action movie, discussed the pressure of faking an American accent, something she had to do for Jack Ryan.

She stated, “I’m going to say it was not that difficult [to do] but if I get horrendous reviews for a horrendous accent, I guess it was more difficult than I thought.”

Knightley, who exchanged vows with The Klaxons’ keyboardist James Righton in July, also discussed her recent marriage. She is clearly enjoying this phase of her life and she hopes that her marriage always “feels good.”

When asked by E! News about married life, she admitted, “I guess it feels good until it doesn’t. At the moment it feels good, we’ll just hope it stays that way.”

She also revealed that she hated being single, stating, “It’s so exhausting to be single. When you have committed yourself to someone in an amazing way, it is very liberating. Everything becomes a lot easier.”

Knightley also joked about Pine’s appearance, teasing, “‘It’s really difficult looking at him. You’re just like, ‘If only he were a bit more handsome it might be alright,’ but unfortunately…”

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