Justin Bieber Refusing To Kick Lil Za Out After Drug Arrest, Loyalty Or Liability?

Justin Bieber is refusing to kick rapper Lil Za out of his recently egging-related police raided Calabasas, California, home even after the aspiring MC’s alleged stash of “Molly” – a form of Ecstasy, and possibly Xanax – led to his arrest for suspicion of felony drug possession and reignited rehab rumors for the pop prince.

According to TMZ, the 19-year-old has no intention of turning on his back on Lil Za (real name, Xavier Smith), and his ‘brother’s “open pass” to freely roam the most watched house in Los Angeles remains intact.

X17.com has pictures of Lil Za doing exactly that. Click here to view.

TMZ went on to report other fairweather friends who formerly loafed around Bieber’s $6.5 million pad are suddenly very busy washing their hair, taking out trash, counting their tattoos or – you get the idea – and are staying away from Bieber’s over fears they could be up next to take the walk of handcuffed-shame.

One of them may even be the same foe-in-disguise the website states is currently trying to sell fake tweets and penis pictures to media outlets misrepresenting them as Bieber’s – for a fee, naturally.

Justin Bieber Pal, Lil Za, Arrested For Felony Drug Possession For Molly And Xanax

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Michael Jackson faced a similar persona non grata problem after his Neverland Ranch was raided in 1993, although for vastly different reasons. But we digress.

News of Lil Za’s indefinite invitation reportedly isn’t going down too well with Justin’s manager Scooter Braun, and probably the group of confidants Radar Online alleges are now urging the singer to seek professional help for behavioral issues and recreational drug use.

TMZ says the coterie have turned up the heat and want the Canadian to cut ties with Lil Za, but it’s no dice. Bieber has apparently dug his High-Tops in and won’t be offloading his pal just because he likes to dance with “Molly” and gets anxious now and again.

Rumors of Braun’s unease about Lil Za, and mutual pal Lil Twist’s, presence in his protégé’s life and affairs have circulated for some time, and appeared to reach a nadir last September amid reports Braun had found apartments for the rappers so they could move out from the singer’s house which they intermittently house-sat.

Some of the reasons for that were parties held by the rappers when Bieber was off touring, which angered residents in the luxe, gated The Oaks enclave, constant rumors of drug use at these parties, Za and Twist’s habit of getting cited while driving the singer’s fleet of cars, and a filmed incident during which the rappers argued with a Calabasas soccer mom.

That same month TMZ reported the pair were finally being booted out from Calabasas after Bieber allegedly discovered jewelry had gone missing from his home and was furious the duo had let it happen on their watch. However, the teen star took to Instagram shortly after the story broke to deny it, deleting it shortly after.

But while Lil Twist appeared to disappear from view after launching a Twitter attack on Braun last November – although we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still in the picture in reality – Lil Za never went anywhere. Just weeks before Twist’s online missive, Smith uploaded an undated Instagram of himself, Twist, and Bieber snuggling up in bed.

Fast forward to the Egg-Gate raid and Lil Za’s double whammy felony drug possession and subsequent felony vandalism arrest for allegedly damaging a holding cell phone at the Lost Hills Sheriff’s station he was taken to.

It’s likely many – including actor Jared Padalecki and leading Twitter troll Drake Bell, who recently publicly accused Bieber of paying Lil Za to take the ‘fall’ for the drugs found – will see the rapper’s continued Calabasas residency as proof of payback.

If so, they may find lead investigative detective Lt. David Thompson’s statements on the matter of interest.

After stating Bieber “was not connected” to the drugs during a post-raid news conference, the detective later told the New York Daily News Lil Za admitted the drugs were his.

Bearing in mind the household was woken up by police so there was presumably no time for any mad Goodfellas dashes to the nearest bathroom, the drugs were found in a room used solely by the rapper.

“It was right in our face,” Lt. Thompson told The News.“He [Lil Za] came out of the bedroom, and the drugs were with his belongings in the bedroom. He admitted they were his. He said, ‘That’s mine.'”

Definitive testing of the drugs is still underway.

While Bieber may be an allegedly egg-throwing, crotch-drop pants wearing teen tearaway, and his decision to let Lil Za stay probably isn’t the wisest move, right now it’s likely he feels he needs all the friends he can get.

Loyalty trumps liability?

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