Selena Gomez Receives Razzie Nomination For ‘Getaway’

Selena Gomez had a shaky time at the box office over the course of 2013.

The singer and actress received solid marks for her turn in writer-director Harmony Korine’s crime drama Spring Breakers. Unfortunately, Selena Gomez followed up this critically-acclaimed endeavor with director Courtney Solomon’s decidedly generic thriller Getaway.

The film told the story of former race car driver who has to satisfy the demands of a madman while trapped behind the wheel of a car. Selena Gomez eventually pops up as a tough-as-nails rich girl looking to retrieve her stolen ride. As you may already have guessed, she gets swept up in the villain’s nefarious plot.

Although Selena Gomez is a solid actress in the right setting, you’d never know it from watching Getaway. Fans might defend her performance until the bitter end, but it should come as no big surprise that the singer’s performance scored her a nomination.

Selena Gomez told the Latino Times that she decided to do Getaway to prove that she is capable of handing different roles. Since she’s pigeonholed as a pop star, Gomez wanted to show producers that she isn’t just another pretty face from the magical land of Disney.

“Obviously, when I try to get hired, people are going to look at me a little differently and that’s a little frustrating. That’s why I do have to show up at the house and knock on the door and audition for them, prove to people that I can do this, I promise, if they’ll give me a chance,” Selena explained to the website last year.

She continued, “That’s a little hard, but it’s OK, it kind of feels like I’m starting all over again, which is fun. And then I feel like I’ve earned the part as opposed to just it being given.”

Gomez definitely stepped out of her comfort zone with Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers, a film that found the singer strutting around in a bikini while interacting with a host of sleazy characters. Unfortunately, her follow-up performance in Getaway was definitely a little lacking.

The Inquisitr previously reported that fellow singer Lady Gaga also scored a Razzie nomination for her turn in Robert Rodriguez’s lackluster sequel Machete Kills. Although Selena Gomez might find comfort in that news, chances are it doesn’t soothe the sting of getting singled out by the Razzies.

Do you think Selena Gomez deserved a Razzie nomination for her turn in director Courtney Solomon’s Getaway? Was her performance really that bad?