Jackie Kennedy Had Affair With Nureyev, So Did Her Sister, And So Did Bobby Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy is the focus of some extraordinary claims made in a new reveal-all book called “The Pink Triangle.”

It seems that she reached breaking point over the numerous affairs of her husband, President John Kennedy, and took her revenge by sleeping with the bi-sexual Russian ballet dancer, Rudolph Nureyev.

Nureyev, was nine years younger than the First Lady, and also in better physical shape than JFK. On one occasion, Jackie arranged a private jet for Nureyev; the dancer is supposed to have sat in JFK’s famous rocking chair and said to her,”Unlike your husband, I have a powerful back.’

it is also alleged in the book that Nureyev was also once seen with Jackie’s brother-in-law, Robert F. Kennedy “kissing each other passionately in a phone box.”

Most of what has been written over the years about the Kennedys and their relationship – or lack of it – targeted President Kennedy’s various affairs. His mistresses are said to have included actresses Marilyn Monroe and Angie Dickinson, Judith Exner and a 19-year-old White House intern.

According to Globe magazine, which has obtained an advance copy of the book, Jackie and Nureyev “plunged into a secret love affair that lasted years.”

One of the book’s authors, Darwin Porter, says “Jackie first fell for Rudi the day she invited him and his legendary dance partner, Margot Fonteyn, to perform at the White House during Jack’s administration. ”

They were photographed together in England in 1968 when Paris Match magazine claimed the ballet star had been overheard drunkenly boasting about his conquest.

“I am the sexiest man alive,’ he said in 1993 just before he died of AIDS. “Just ask Lee Radziwill. Just ask Jackie Kennedy. And if you don’t believe me, ask Bobby and John-John Kennedy. Nobody can resist me. Everyone who has gone to bed with me has fallen in love with me,” he added.

The author, Truman Capote – a close friend of Jackie – told Darwin Porter that Jackie and her sister Lee Radziwill both sought Nureyev’s affections.

Capote says that Jackie told him. “I think Rudi systematically plans to seduce every member of my family, even my son when he grows up.” He added that he had long suspected Bobby Kennedy of being “a deeply closeted homosexual,” according to Globe.

Jackie ended the relationship when she thought that Nureyev was paying too much attention to her son, JFK Jr. She argued with Nureyev when she learned he was encouraging her son to become an actor, rather than go into politics as his family wanted.

And, as if these revelations aren’t enough, the book claims that Jackie slept with another bi-sexual ballet dancer, John Kriza,.

The writer, Gore Vidal wrote: “Each of us launched an affair with him. Jackie used my apartment when I did not have John otherwise engaged.”

In 1962, with her marriage in really bad shape, she went on an Italian cruise with Fiat owner, Gianni Agnelli. Later she sailed to Greece with Aristotle Onassis on his yacht, the Christina.

Maybe with Onassis, it was a case of having the honeymoon before the marriage……

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