Google Quick Flight Lookup Launches [New Online Web Search]

Google on Saturday launched their new “quick flight lookup” search application for general search. The program is very simple to use, simply type “Flight [City] [City]” and then perform the search.

As an example users can simply type: “Flight Chicago Los Angeles” and then perform a search which will display the following search outcome:

Google Quick Flight Search Small Size

After the main search display is shown simply click on the “schedule of non-stop flights” to find flights that are departing on the day of your search.

Google Quick Flight Search

Users also don’t necessary need to use full city names, for example “flights Chi LA” will return the same results as will “flight Chi LA” with no need for a plural “flights.”

Users can also choose to type one city, such as “Flights Chicago” to see flights to the city typed form all airports in the country with various flights and flight times.

For quick departure information simply type “Flights from Chicago” or any other city or airport name or code such as “flights from O’Hare” or “Flights from ORD”

Currently Google is supporting 10 languages which include: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Catalan.

The program is still in beta and therefore there are some hiccups, for examples locations that require more than a nonstop flight may not return information, while smaller cities are not as well represented at this time as they should be.

Sure the program isn’t perfect at this time but Google is definitely making it easier for users to stay on their search pages for longer periods of time which helps their “time on site” stats and therefore their search revenue.