Bradley Cooper Picks Up ‘Hyperion’ Screenwriting Gig; Wants to Direct?

Like many actors before him, it appears that Bradley Cooper is looking to branch out into screenwriting and, if he gets his wish, directing as well. In an interview on Charlie Rose earlier this week, the actor revealed that he was recently hired to write a screenplay for a film adaptation Hyperion, a Hugo Award-winning science fantasy novel from author Dan Simmons.

“[We] went to [producer] Graham King, who own the rights to Hyperion, and we wrote a treatment on spec,” he revealed. “I said, ‘I know this is a very audacious endeavor, but can you just read this spec we wrote? I think we have a way in to tell the story.’ So now we’re negotiating to write the script for it.”

Cooper, a cinephile at heart, hopes that landing the writing gig will help land him a role as director, a role that he states in the interview to be his “true passion.” While he would love to direct the film adaptation of Hyperion, he admits that it’s not very likely that he’ll be able to sit in the director’s chair for this film. Considering that the movie hasn’t been formally announced, however, nothing is set in stone at the moment.

To watch the interview with Charlie Rose in question, head over to this link where Cooper also talks about filming The Hangover: Part II.

Via Huffington Post