Jeff Conaway Dead at 60

Grease star and former Celebrity Rehab participant Jeff Conaway has passed away after he was removed from life support, his manager announced on Twitter.

Conaway, 60, lapsed into a coma after an overdose on May 11th. And though he showed some signs of consciousness initially, the actor never fully woke. Conaway died this morning, at 10:30 PST. Entertainment Weekly gave a sad look into the actor’s rise to fame and downfall before he appeared on the reality-rehab show:

After Taxi, his career never quite recovered. He snagged roles on The Bold and the Beautifulin 1989 and Babylon 5 in the ’90s, but his most disturbingly memorable appearance came when he appeared on Celebrity Rehab as one of Dr. Drew Pinsky’s most difficult cases. After a long struggle with addiction, he first appeared on the show’s 2008 season to fight a dependency on alcohol, cocaine, and painkillers. His mumbling, drunk arrival at the Pasadena Recovery Center in a wheelchair, as well as his airing of suicidal thoughts, caused alarm even in the most jaded viewers.

Information about funeral or memorial services for Conaway has not yet been released.