League Of Legends Championship Series Stream Down, Technical Issues Being Resolved

The League of Legends Championship Series saw its stream go down on Tuesday afternoon as glitches in the studios forced the action off the internet for a short time.

The mishap sent League of Legends fans scrambling to find information on it, with a post to the League of Legends community message board on Reddit garnering thousands of user votes in less than 10 minutes after the stream went down.

There was no information on the League of Legends website as to why the stream was down, though a tweet from RiotMagnus shed some light on the issue.

Power failure at our home studio forcing us to reroute the broadcast. We'll be back in 10 minutes! #LCS
Another tweet assured fans that the issue was being resolved as quickly as possible.The delay happened just as LoL was prepared to start one of the most anticipated seasons ever.
"The off-season, perhaps one of the most exciting and active off-seasons in the history of esports, has finally drawn to a close," Riot said this weekend. "Rosters have been solidified. Professionals have picked up their lives and relocated across the seas. Two continents have settled the score in a narrowly won (or lost) head-to-head grudge match. Most importantly, teams have either secured a spot in the LCS or gone home to ponder their futures."
The League of Legends Championship Series stream was restored roughly 15 minutes after it went down initially. A full schedule of the action can be found here.