Tori Spelling Takes Disney Vacation With Kids, Leaves Dean McDermott At Home

Tori Spelling has been through a lot lately, so what better than to pack up and take the kids to Disney, without husband Dean McDermott.

Even though she has her hands full with their four young children, that didn't stop the former 90210 star and she was spotted with a smile on her face enjoying the rides.

To help her, she brought along some friends and their daughter this past Saturday, but left alleged cheater McDermott at home.

Tori Spelling has -- from all appearances -- continued with her daily routine, focusing on her children, tweeting fans and keeping them up to date, and writing on her website.

An avid social media user, Spelling recently shared that her 16-month-old, Finn went to the zoo for the first time and posted about daughter Stella's "rocker style". She is obviously a proud mama.

However, since the accusations that her husband of seven-years had cheated on her with a woman named Emily Goodhand, while he was in Vancouver, things have been tense.

Tori Spelling was seen out with her kids -- without her wedding ring -- and according to sources was devastated by the news McDermott had a one-night-stand.

"Tori went nuts and has been saying she may leave him," an insider told Us Weekly.

This past weekend Tori Spelling posted a cryptic message on Instagram:

Meanwhile, the couple is trying to deflect the scandal by showing a united front. Last Friday, Tori Spelling and her husband were spotted leaving a Los Angeles building and smiling.

There were also rumors of a possible eviction, after a note was spotted by paparazzo recently, but the 40-year-old's rep clarified the situation on Monday:

"Due to a clerical error a three-day notice was initially posted at the house. All payments have in fact been made, the lease is current and in good standing and the three-day notice has been effectively withdrawn."

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott

But it's not all bad for Tori Spelling, she recently shared that a new TV show, which she has been working on for a while, is coming soon. She wrote:

"I have HUGE news to share with all of you! A project that is very near and dear to my heart, and something I've been working on for a while now, will be coming to a TV near you very soon! Mystery Girls, the show that I created, am starring in and producing, along with my dear friend Jennie Garth, has been picked up by ABC Family. We start production soon and I can't wait to document the whole experience and share it with you right here!"

Tori Spelling seems to be doing the best she can with what she has been dealt and with four children under the age of seven, she won't be sitting around moping for her husband's errant ways.