Jennifer Capriati Won't Face Battery And Stalking Charges

Jennifer Capriati won't face battery and stalking charges after a Florida court announced on Monday that they'd been dropped.

The former tennis player was arrested back in 2013 after a confrontation with her ex-boyfriend. Mike Edmondson, a spokesman for the Palm Beach County state attorney's office, confirmed that Capriati will complete 30 hours of community service and four hours of anger management counselling in exchange for having the charges dropped.

Capriati's charges are misdemeanors, and court documents have confirmed that the athlete has already attended an anger management session, which she went to last week. She also started her community service at Florida Hospital Pepin Heart Institute in Tampa too.

Edmondson stated, "Those are standard conditions for a deferred prosecution." The 37-year-old was accused of punching Ivan Brannan, her former boyfriend, on Valentine's Day, 2013. The incident is believed to have taken place at a North Palm Beach gym, and Brannan has insisted that Capriati had stalked him for months before that too.

One of Brannan's co-workers even told police that the International Tennis Hall of Fame member had called his work up to 50 times a day and she had even tried to gain access to a locked door at his business.

The Palm Beach Post reported last March:

"The battery charge is connected to the Feb. 14 incident in which Capriati allegedly punched Brannan at the Oxygen Health & Fitness Gym on U.S. 1. She began screaming at Brennan, then stuck her finger in his chest when he was trying to walk away, according to a police report. A witness reported seeing Capriati punch Brennan's chest four times with a closed fist."
The Inquisitr also revealed at the time:
A female co-worker of Brannan's says four days after the event, Capriati appeared at his workplace in a clearly agitated state, pacing, yelling, banging on a window and attempting to enter through a locked door.
Capriati became a tennis professional at the age of 13, and she went on to win a gold medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Capriati has had a chequered past though, and the former World No. 1's career was interrupted in 1993 when she was charged with shoplifting a ring. She insisted that it had been accidental though. However, in May 1994 she was also arrested and charged with possessing marijuana.

After these incidents, Capriati entered a drug counselling program, while she also admitted that she had contemplated suicide because of the demise of her tennis career. In 2010 she also attempted to commit suicide, and was treated for a drug overdose.