'Love & Hip-Hop' Headed To Los Angeles, But Who Will Star In The Series?

Love & Hip-Hop is heading to Los Angeles for a proposed spin-off. However, producers of the show have reportedly encountered a slight hiccup in their master plan.

Although filming should begin later this month, the folks behind the spin-off probably need to find someone to star in the show first. According to sources, Love & Hip-Hop can't seem to locate anyone relevant in Los Angeles to step in front of the camera.

Insiders recently told the folks over at TMZ that producers wanted Ray J to star in the spin-off, though his current obligations to the Oxygen series Bad Girls Club All-Stars threw a sizable wrench into those plans. Producers are reportedly still searching for someone to carry the Los Angeles-based show.

While they're waiting for a noteworthy celebrity to step up to the plate, filming is presently expected to begin with a handful of lesser-known hip-hop personalities. Bria Myles, Hazel-E, Brooke Valentine, and Yesi Ortiz are already on-board for the project.

"Los Angeles feels like the next city. Again it's about struggling artists trying to make it and that's what's great about the franchise, but it's feeling like we've got some great stories to tell in L.A.," Mona Scott-Young told HipHollywood late last year.

She added, "Every season I wonder what can we do to top ourselves and what else is out there and some how the reality Gods are always smiling."

Although the show is quite popular in certain circles, some people clearly have a problem with Love & Hip-Hop. Scott-Young said that people who can't stand the series still find themselves watching the drama unfold on the small screen.

"You know, it's so funny, people have this love/hate, LOVE/HATE relationship with 'Love & Hip Hop.' They love the show, they love the drama; but then they're mad at the drama and they don't want to see the fighting. But then they want to see the fighting. It's like a roller-coaster ride!" she recently explained to Radio.com.

The producers of Love & Hip-Hop have already scored two pretty big hits in the over-saturated realm of reality television. Although everything started out strong in New York, the Atlanta-based spin-off has proved much more popular than the original outing. VH1 is certainly hoping for lightning to strike one more time.

While they're looking for a celebrity to star in the Los Angeles version of the reality series, producers will begin filming storylines with the aforementioned hip-hop personalities. In the meantime, the search is on for someone with a big enough name to carry the spin-off.

What do you think about Love & Hip-Hop moving to Los Angeles?