Arnold Schwarzenegger Could Fork Over $200 Million In Divorce Case

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have to pay his estranged wife Maria Shriver upwards of $200 million once their divorce wraps up. According to sources, this is why the actor is basically dragging his legal heels at the moment.

According to reports, the Sabotage star and Shriver are worth approximately $400 million. Since she's entitled to half of those assets in the divorce, Schwarzenegger could see quite a bit of money vanish from his bank account in the coming months.

For those who are late to this slice of celebrity drama, Maria Shriver filed for divorce from Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2011 after she discovered he'd fathered a child with their maid. The actor admitted to keeping the affair and his love child a secret from his wife for several years.

Once their lawyers finalize the divorce and the terms of the settlement are officially worked out, it will mark the ninth largest divorce payout in history. This might explain why Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't too keen on getting the ball rolling on the case.

Schwarzenegger reportedly didn't sign a prenuptial agreement with his wife since he believed that their relationship would stand the test of time. However, this was before he decided to have a sexual relationship with their housekeeper.

"Arnold knows Maria is entitled to half -- but knowing it and watching around $200 million leave your bank account are two very different things," an anonymous source explained. The insider added that Shriver is growing increasingly frustrated with her husband's stall tactics.

It's no secret that Arnold Schwarzenegger really loves his money. The Inquisitr previously reported that the Terminator star wasn't exactly happy with the amount of money he made as the governor of California. According to Schwarzenegger, he missed out on millions of Hollywood dollars during his career in politics.

"I always saw my movie career as ongoing. I stepped out for seven years to be Governor of California but I was never trying to be a career politician who runs for Congress and the Senate. I just felt since America has given me every opportunity to achieve in life," the actor explained during a recent interview.

He continued, "I should take time out to serve the people regardless of the lack of pay. I gave the money back, as a matter of fact... I lost out on earning tens of millions of dollars and it also cost me -- political campaigns are expensive -- but none of that mattered. I wanted to help the people. It was the most educational thing I've ever done."

What do you think about Arnold Schwarzenegger having to pay approximately $200 million to Maria Shriver in his divorce settlement?