Nicki Minaj Responds To Universal Censorship With Racy Instagram Pics

Nicki Minaj isn't too happy that Universal Music decided to censor one of her songs. To make a point, she dropped a handful of racy images on her official Instagram account.

Apparently the problem began when Minaj began promoting a remix of her tune "Boss A** B****" on Soundcloud, a release that was reportedly independent of her record label. Days after the track's release, Universal decided to yank the remix due to its explicit content.

Not surprisingly, Nicki Minaj wasn't pleased with the situation. She complained about Universal's decision on Twitter, though it didn't do any good. The track is still missing as of this writing. Instead of finding another way to release the song, Minaj decided to give her record label something to look at.

Although she didn't say these images were in response to Universal's decision to remove the independent remix of "Boss A** B****," the timing definitely seems less than coincidental. Since the pics are a little too racy to display here, you'll have to travel to her Instagram page to check them out.

The pics in question are mildly controversial, though it's really nothing too shocking if you're at all familiar with Nicki Minaj's behavior. One picture finds the rapper grabbing her boob, while another show her sucking on two of her fingers. Of course, it gets a little racier from there.

This certainly isn't the first time Nicki Minaj has given her fans and followers something to gawk at on Instagram. Her Halloween costume last year definitely left very little to the imagination. Once again, the images are a little too revealing to post here, but we're sure you won't have any trouble locating them online.

The former American Idol judge also shared a pic of her birthday cake last year, a foodstuff that was very boob-oriented. In other words, the latest batch of Instagram images should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed her career for any length of time.

Not only is Nicki Minaj having to contend with Universal's censorship, the rapper is also facing a slew of rumors that she's pregnant with Lil Wayne's baby. No one has officially confirmed the report as of this writing, though this isn't stopping the celebrity gossip machine from running at full steam.

What do you think about Nicki Minaj posting a handful of racy pics to Instagram following Universal Music's censorship of her "Boss A** B****" remix? Do you think the photos were in direct response to the song's removal?