Microsoft Board Supports Steve Ballmer Despite Calls Of Resignation

Steve Ballmer’s job is safe, at least for the short term. This week hedge fund manager David Einhorn asked the company to find a new leader to help rejuvenate the company’s focus however a source close to the board says all members support Ballmer and his vision for the company.

Among those people supporting Ballmer is Bill Gates who believes his vision for the company will continue to strengthen Microsoft’s offerings in the future. If you believe it’s all buddy buddy between the men an unnamed hedge fund manager called Gates a “ruthless capitalist” who would personally kick Ballmer to the door to raise the company’s bottom line.

For his part Einhorn has called Ballmer the “biggest overhang” holding back Microsoft from a stronger stock evaluation, specifically when dealing with the companies online division which has lost $7 billion in four years of head-to-head Google competition. [Electronista]