Patti Stanger Says Bisexual Men Do Not Exist? True or Not?

It's no secret that Millionaire Matchmaker host Patti Stanger is famous for offering advice and giving her opinion. However, she may have pushed it a bit too far this time when she made a comment declaring that, "bisexual men do not exist."

The offensive remark immediately caught the attention of the LGBT community, and has sparked a homophobic outrage. But, where did it all start?

According to the Daily Mail, on Wednesday Jan. 8, Stanger stopped by Bethenny Frankel's talk show. In a backstage interview, Frankel asked Stanger, "'Would you ever marry a bisexual man?" Stanger quickly replied, "Uh, never! Never. Never. And if they're bisexual, they're gay!"

In a nutshell, the Bravo TV star implied that men cannot be bisexual if they're attracted to other men. Her perspective is simply 'black and white, with no shades of grey.'

If a man is attracted to another man, he's gay regardless of whether he finds himself attracted to women as well.

Needless to say, her comment has sparked a major outrage, as the LGBT community are questioning her beliefs.

Instinct Magazine blogger, Jonathan Higbee posted a blog post in response to Stanger's remark. "You would think that someone as involved in the dating scene as Bravo reality star Stanger would have experienced a personal evolution on the existence of bisexuals," he said.

Obviously she hasn't, or she just isn't receptive to the idea. But the expressions of disdain didn't end there! Of course, there were a number of viewers who took to Twitter to address Stanger's comments.

Then, there were the bashing comments from those who felt the need to insult Stanger her remarks.
However, this isn't the first time Stanger has stepped on toes with offensive remarks. During the second season of Millionaire Matchmaker, Stanger made an offensive remark toward bisexual women. She asked a client, "'Do you want to marry a bisexual? Bisexual women are not the women you want to be the mother of your children."

Then, there was another incident when Stanger made an offensive reference toward Jews, gay men and intelligent women. On What What Happens with Andy Cohen, Stanger said, "'Jewish men lie' and that homosexuals are incapable of maintaining a monogamous relationship."

The Bravo network immediately issued a statement of apology for Stanger's comment. The network made it clear that Stanger's comments were in 'no way a representation of the network's beliefs and opinions.'

Do you feel that Stanger's statement was offensive or was she just telling the truth?