Nicole Kidman: No seatbelt or car seat for baby Sunday Rose

When Britney Spears made headlines because she didn't put son Sean Preston in a car seat, or have him in a seatbelt, it seemed the whole world was appalled. It was really the beginning of the end for Britney before her breakdown. Now pictures have emerged of Nicole Kidman holding baby Sunday Rose on the back seast of a car, no seatbelt, no car seat and it seems as if the word doesn't care. Apparently if Nicole Kidman does it, that's ok. After all seatbelt laws in Spain are fairly lax, that is a reasonable excuse, right?

Where are you Motrim moms? Where is the vitriolic outrage from the mommy bloggers, parenting boards and mother baby forums? One rule for Britney and another for Nicole Kidman? Sickening.