Memorial Day Trending High Among Facebook Users Excited for Holiday Weekend

Facebook users are beginning to get excited for the holiday weekend, if their status updates are anything to go by.

Users of the social network have been chattering to a fever pitch about their weekend plans, anticipation about time off, social events and travel. AllFacebook, a site that tracks Facebook news and trends, linked to the chatter currently taking place on the site. The blog points out that while users are hot to chat about barbeques and parties, the number of mentions of the holiday’s true meaning is low:

Many people are asking each other what they have planned for the three-day weekend. They’re also sending invitations to barbeques and parties. Others are sharing details on Memorial Day weekend sales.

Only the occasional post addresses the fact that the holiday honors those who’ve died in military service. However, we expect that type of posting to become more prevalent on Memorial Day itself.

You can actually click here to like Memorial Day on Facebook. Are you using Facebook to coordinate your holiday plans? Is it your go to event planner these days?