Oprah’s ‘Favorite Things’ Segments Cost Nearly $24 Million

Oprah Winfrey loved to give things away on her talk show, from free trips to giveaways, there was always a good chance that an airing of her show would include a gift for someone, however it was her “favorite things” shows that drew the biggest and most expensive giveaways.

According to site Jezebel:

“Oprah’s Favorite Things” giveaways alone cost a total of around $23.8 million.

That price includes basic items from $4 croissants and $12 Josh Groban CDs to more extravagant gifts including $22,000 VW Beetles and $2,400 diamond watches.

The $23.8 million price was estimated by understanding the cost of each item (retail) and then multiplying that number by the 300 audience members in attendance for each show.

Nearly half of that $23.8 million estimate is said to come from 2010 when some of her most lavish gifts were given to audience members.

What was your favorite Oprah Winfrey giveaway?