Gerard Butler To Take On Patrick Swayze's Role In 'Point Break' Remake

As an action star, Gerard Butler has been in plenty of dangerous positions throughout his career. That said, it might be Butler's upcoming role that will be his biggest and most gutsy undertaking. According to Variety, the Olympus Has Fallen star is in talks to take on Patrick Swayze's role in the reboot of Point Break.

Back in April, when things were only just beginning to buzz about the 90s classic action film, there weren't any names being tossed around for who would take on Swayze's role, but now it seems like the Point Break remake has some major traction going on.

Alcon Entertainment is currently in negotiations with Gerard Bulter to play the central role of he film. It's huge shoes Butler would be filling, seeing as it's an iconic role played by the late and great Patrick Swayze.

For those who aren't familiar, the 1991 film was directed by a fairly new director that goes by the name of Kathryn Bigelow. The film tells the premise of an FBI Agent Johnny Utah (Keanu Reeves), who is set to go undercover in order to infiltrate a group of surfers that spend their free time robbing banks instead of catching huge waves. Their ultimate disguise are rubber masks of the presidents faces.

Although Butler can definitely exercise his surfing skills again, this isn't where the production wants to go. Instead of sticking to the original format, it's said that the remake will dive into the world of extreme sports.

Even though it's not set in stone, if Butler catches this role he will play a character named Bodhi, who is the head of the organization. As far as the creative team behind the reboot, Kurt Wimmer is set to write the screenplay, and Ericson Core will direct.

In addition to his tentative role in Point Break, fans will be able to catch Butler in the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen, which is titled London Has Fallen. He also recently lent his voice to the animated sequel How to Train Your Dragon 2 as Stoick the Vast, which is a role he is reprising for the franchise.