Sarah McLachlan Makes ‘South Park’ Appearance

Sarah McLachlan has joined the list of famous people who have poked fun at themselves as characters on the Comedy Central controversy machine South Park.

McLachlan- who had several hits over a decade ago but has been largely absent from the music scene save for several horribly depressing animal welfare commercials- was featured on the cartoon as a nurse for crack-addicted babies.

‘Oh no it’s that super-sad Sarah McLachlan commercial, look away,’ yells Kyle as pictures of drug-addled babies flash on the screen.

‘Hello I’m Sarah McLachlan. I was famous for two months,’ says the character as she cradles a child. The boys then start the Crack Baby Athletic Association where they earn money by making cocaine-addicted babies play sports.

The Canadian songstress hasn’t been too visible in the public eye since her late-90’s ubiquity. McLachlan was partially responsible for the era’s popular Lilith Fair series of concerts, which were a defining element of the decade. And though she released albums in 2003 and 2006, neither received the excessive airplay that her most popular work achieved. In the episode, while McLachlan talks about the crack babies, her hit “I Will Remember You” plays in the background, much like in the commercial it skewers.

McLachlan wasn’t the only celebrity skewered in the new episode. The boys also discover that Slash, the guitarist for Guns n’ Roses, is actually character in folklore similar to Santa Claus. One of the boys adds:

‘Slash is not real. He’s based on a fable of a Dutch saint named VunterSlash,’