Wahlburgers Reality Show Premiere: Fully Booked In Just One Hour

The premiere of the Wahlburgers reality TV show at Hingham Harbor on Wednesday, January 22 sold out within just one hour. Just 100 tickets went on sale for the event, the proceeds of which are to be donated to the Dorchester Youth Collaborative.

The owner and chef of Wahlburgers said: "It's all about the Dorchester Youth Collaborative, and the money is going to benefit them, so I'm really happy for them."

Wahlberg admitted that he was thrilled that the tickets had sold out so quickly, and that he was also happy about the fact that the $2,500 raised would go toward helping children from low-income families.

Speaking about his brother, Wahlberg said: "It's a program that Mark [Wahlberg] has been affiliated with for a long time. We're very excited for it, and they were excited as well. It's a great program, what they do over there is amazing."

The reality show itself focuses on the day-to-day running of the Wahlburgers restaurant by the three Wahlberg brothers. The brother's decision to host the event was influenced by their wish to help the organization benefiting from the proceeds.

Wahlberg said: "It seemed like the right thing to do for Wahlburgers, and for people affiliated with the restaurant stuff. It's more about them than it is for me. It's showing our gratitude to them. And it's for a very good cause."

The event will start at around 8 pm where, at a pre-party welcome, Wahlburgers will be providing sliders and drinks for the lucky guests. After people have had their fill, they will head over to Patriot Cinemas for the screening.