Lindsey Lohan Loses Laptop With Nude Pics, Offers Then Retracts Reward

Troubled star Lindsey Lohan, once a promising actress and now primarily famous for her widely-publicized behavioral and legal issues, has lost a laptop that reportedly contains a cache of nude photos of Lohan herself, the entertainment gossip site TMZ reports.

On Tuesday, Lindsey Lohan took to Twitter to lament the loss of her laptop computer.

"It was great to be in China and I want to thank everyone for their hospitality, however someone has stolen my computer at the airport," she tweeted.

The first tweet was quickly followed by a second.

"...offering a reward for anyone who can retrieve and rtn it, bummer to go home w/o it. xo L"

The tweets were shortly thereafter deleted from the Lindsey Lohan account — including the offer of a reward for the pilfered PC.

But according to reports, Lohan is still seeking the missing laptop. The 27-year-old gossip-page fixture was in China to make an appearance at the Sohu Fashion Achievement Awards, The San Jose Mercury News reported.

Lohan did not specify why the computer was especially important to her, other than the fact it is her computer, but TMZ jumped in on Wednesday, gleefully declaring, "We know what's in her stolen computer."

And what might that be?

"A bunch of nude photos of herself," the site said, adding that the photos are supposedly from various photo shoots that were never intended for release.

It is certainly understandable why any woman, famous or otherwise, would be mortified at the possibility that nude photos of herself might be circulating and end up on the internet. But the situation is at least somewhat puzzling in Lindsey Lohan's case.

The internet already contains no shortage of nude photos of the Mean Girls actress.

She appears nude in several scenes in her most recent film, The Canyons, in which she co-starred with James Deen, the currently most popular male performer in the pornographic film industry. Deen, whose real name is Bryan Sevilla, made his non-pornographic film debut alongside Lohan.

In April, concurrent with The Canyons' release, numerous still frame grabs from the film showing Lohan nude or semi-nude appeared on the internet, The Daily Mail reported.

Lindsey Lohan also appeared nude in the film Machete, and has posed in the buff for Playboy Magazine.

TMZ reported that the laptop also contains confidential correspondence between Lindsey Lohan and pop star Lady Gaga as well as film director Woody Allen.