PS4 In Stock This Week? PlayStation 4 Availability Should Pick Up, Claims Sony

Will we see the PS4 in stock this week? Sony claims PlayStation 4 availability should be increasing noticeably.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, while PS4 availability picked up noticeably after Christmas, gamers were still forced to rely on PS4 in stock trackers to find any PS4 bundle deals, never mind the rare-as-gold standalone console.

Unfortunately for US gamers, this newest announcement is apparently limited to the UK. Sony has apparently been taking out newspaper ads through England declaring that you can find the PS4 in stock at your local game store. Amazon UK also said in a statement they would be getting a fresh supply of PS4 consoles in for Friday, January 10th.

Sony has been using Twitter to make major announcements and, when asked last weel why Xbox One availability was good while the PS4 was not, all Sony could say was "be patient." To a certain extent, this response makes perfect sense. Both the Xbox One and PS4 GPU and CPU are made by AMD, and both gaming companies rely on companies like Foxconn to assemble the final console. Assuming the manufacturing rate for both consoles is close to the same amount of one million consoles per month, this means that demand is much higher than supply based upon the PS4 sales numbers, which exceeds 4.2 million while the Xbox One only posted a little over three million.

xbox one vs ps4

The only good news is that Amazon is listing the PS4 in stock at the normal price of $399.99, but it's on back order until January 16. Previous to that change, only third party suppliers sold the PlayStation 4 online via Amazon, and they were marking up the price significantly (they still are as of the writing of this article, with the "best" price at $500 plus $3.99 shipping).

The bad news is that even the GameStop PS4 bundle deals are sold out now, and the Amazon PlayStation 4 bundles tend to be something of a rip-off. The cheapest eBay But It Now auction was also $493.20, which is higher than the $475 minimum we saw last week.

At this point, all I can recommend is to try focusing on checking with lesser known stores on whether they have a PS4 in stock. While PlayStation 4 availability is pretty bad, Sony tries to send units to everyone, so retailers like Target or smaller online shops might still have one.