'NFS' Movie Featurette: Aaron Paul Talks About Going 'Really Really Really Fast' [Video]

The NFS movie is set to hit theaters this year, and the producers are releasing featurettes explaining what the movie will be like. Normally, showing featurettes while in production is something only the biggest movies do, and it isn't very likely that the movie itself will turn out that good.

Occasionally, a movie that gets that kind of treatment ends up worth the hype, but not very often. Need for Speed was originally a video game series from Electronic Arts, a favorite among the arcade race fans for its simplicity and realism. After the success of The Fast and the Furious (now on its seventh installment), it has been shown that race movies have a serious audience. It was probably inevitable that Need for Speed would end up becoming a movie.

The question we all have about the NFS movie is whether or not it will actually be any good. If we go by the track record of movies based on video games, the odds are not good. The most successful to date have been Tomb Raider, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, and Prince of Persia, and each one has its own collection of people who consider them terrible.

Director Scott Waugh explains that the film is about "revenge and redemption," giving the film a sense of heart rarely seen in a race movie. Gone in 60 Seconds and Rush both serve as shining examples of how to get it right, while the series that Paul Walker and Vin Diesel made popular shows us how a visual sense of adrenaline is sometimes all it takes.

Aaron Paul refers to the NFS movie as "two hours of adrenaline pumping madness." He adds, "We can really go anywhere with this story as long as we use incredible cars. We definitely did just that."

As jaded moviegoers will tell you, it takes a bit more than just a bunch of fast cars with nice body work and paint jobs to make a good race movie. Anyone who's seen Redline can tell you just how wrong it can go. That movie was so full of characters you didn't care about and cliches that anyone who's seen a race movie could predict, it proved that you need something more than just fast cars.

On the bright side, the Need for Speed movie is allegedly using real cars and real stunts all the way through, something we haven't seen since the Death Race reboot with Jason Statham.

Could the NFS movie be the next Fast and Furious? While the signs point to the negative, we can't really know for sure until the movie hits this March.