Katy Perry Gets Career Advice From Stevie Nicks

Patricia Didelot

Katy Perry is getting some advice on how to deal with "rivals" from veteran Stevie Nicks, who has been around the music scene for a long time.

The Fleetwood Mac singer is basically telling the pop star never to use the word "rivals", ever.

In an interview with ABC Radio, Stevie Nicks talks about meeting Katy Perry in September while they were both in London.

"I thought it was going to be a 20-minute 'Hey, how are you doing?' thing – and we sat for three hours until, like, three in the morning," Nicks said. "And we pretty much talked about everything."

Katy Perry asked the veteran Nicks who her rivals were when she began her solo career in the 80s.

"And I was, like, speechless," Stevie Nicks said. "I was, like, 'I didn't have any rivals.' And she said, 'Really? None?' I said, 'No... the girls in Heart (were) friends. Pat Benatar (was a) friend."

Katy Perry told Stevie that nowadays, with social media being so prevalent, fans often pit stars against each other.

"I said to her, 'Katy, let me tell you something. You don't have any rivals. So forget that. Never say that word again. You don't have rivals. All of those girls? Friends. You'll probably work with all of them at some point. Friends.'"

Stevie Nicks

Katy Perry seemed to have followed her idol's advice recently when she was asked about her supposed feud with another mega star of our time, Lady Gaga.

"Gaga and I like to publicly dismiss it because it's not healthy," Perry said. "You want to feel music. You want it to resonate and relate to you. You can't look at it like a competition because you ruin the reason why you love music. But I think that sometimes our fan groups are so big and strong, they use it as ammunition."

Katy Perry is having a great year professionally and personally. Her newest album, Prism, has had two hits with "Roar" and "Unconditionally" and on a personal level, she seems to be very happy with new beau, the equally famous John Mayer.

Recently, he "hijacked" his girlfriend's Twitter account after Stevie Nicks dedicated one of her songs to the couple.

John here. Katy can't write because she's getting over Stevie Nicks dedicating Landslide to us at the Fleetwood Mac concert. Unforgettable.

— Katy Perry (@katyperry) December 31, 2013

While I'm at it I have a couple things I'd like to get off my-oh, she's motioning for the phone back. Gotta go!! -JM

— Katy Perry (@katyperry) December 31, 2013

Katy Perry and John Mayer have been promoting their duet "Who You Love" over the last few weeks, with several appearances on morning TV and talk shows. Katy Perry will be performing at the Grammy Awards.