Arnold Schwarzenegger Helped Tom Arnold Improve His Sex Life

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a new accomplishment under his belt: Improving True Lies co-star Tom Arnold's sex life by making his penis look bigger.

In case you haven't heard, Roseanne Barr's ex-husband recently lost a substantial amount of weight following the birth of his son. Although the guy reportedly put in a lot of hard work to shed those unwanted pounds, Tom said Schwarzenegger's line of supplements also played a huge part in his slimmer appearance.

"He [Arnold Schwarzenegger] started his own line of supplements. He has never done that before - you think he would have. They are very healthy. So if you've got heart stuff. It's very healthy, there's nothing bad in there," Tom Arnold recently told TMZ.

The comedian continued, "Your penis is really the only part of the body that doesn't gain or lose weight. So [when you lose weight] you don't have the fat, that fat thing above your penis. When you lose weight that goes away, that extra cushion."

Of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't the only way the True Lies star lost weight. The Inquisitr previously reported that he shed pounds by curbing his overeating and keeping his depression under control.

"There was a lot of shame. One time I had a tailor come over and sew the weights into my suits – this is what you wear when you are 210, 220, 240, 300. That saved me the time of going into my closet and getting so upset and frustrated," he explained to People magazine.

He said of holding his son for the first time: "When I held him, I accepted he was real and though he is obviously too good for me, he will never doubt that his father loves him very much. I also felt a kind of super love for Ashley. An intimacy and partnership and accomplishment I did not know possible."

Tom Arnold said he weighed 287 pounds at his heaviest. The actor's diet included an enormous omelette with cheese and sausage links in the morning and an extra-large meat pizza in the evening. Arnold also said he consumed over a dozen cans of diet soda per day.

Check out some pics of the guy's impressive weight loss.

Although Tom Arnold credits Arnold Schwarzenegger with helping him lose weight, the former Roseanne cast member definitely deserves a lot of the kudos.