Black Box Will Be Mandatory In New Cars By September

David Cornell

The black box will be mandatory in new cars starting this September. What it is meant to do is record the conditions of your driving in case you're in an accident, so insurance companies will have an easier time figuring out what really happened.

Less time will be spent sorting through drivers trying to cover up their calling, texting, or eating habits behind the wheel, because the device won't lie.

Some fear it may lead to the government tracking us as we drive, though it would deter grand theft auto cases if would-be thieves know about it. Nobody would want to steal something the police could find that easily.

It was also previously reported by The Inquisitr that the automotive black box could be used to track how much you drive and charge you for driving too much. While this will certainly help fund the nation's efforts to repair the highways, anyone looking to drive cross country could be held back knowing that the drive itself will cost them extra. Longer commutes to work or people who live miles from the nearest store would be hit the hardest.

The device is also feared to be yet another tool of NSA surveillance, and combined with a new HD dash camera which will be used for tracking your driving habits, the US government may even record what you do while you drive. If you like to sing in the car, you may have an audience already and not even know it. The technology for that isn't mainstream yet, as it was just announced at CES 2014.

Citizens who knew about last year's test in several states expressed their dislike for having a device which records their driving habits. For some, driving is their greatest chance to get away from everything, and that little piece of privacy is potentially being taken away.

On the other hand, insurance companies could make it a benefit to policy holders who volunteer to use the black box. Insurance could end up becoming a "pay as you go" offer like some low-end cellular phone services, so if you don't drive as much, you don't pay as much. Some skeptics say that's not likely, but it is possible.

If you're okay with having the black box in your car, you have nothing to worry about and you might even save money on your car insurance. If you're not okay with it, then there is bound to be a used car dealership near you eager to help you find something else.

Just know that by September this year, the automotive black box will be mandatory in all new cars and trucks.