Three-Hour Orgasm Sends Seattle Woman to ER, Doctors Dumbfounded

A mind-blowing orgasm can easily be categorized as 'uncharted pleasure'. But, for one Seattle-area woman, that 'uncharted pleasure' pushed a major panic button, because her orgasm lasted three full hours!

The bizarre story is definitely one you'd have to see to believe, which is why it was recounted on TLC's new show, Sex Sent Me to the ER.

According to Radar Online, the woman is referred to as simply 'Liz' on the show. Liz had just engaged in sexual intercourse with her partner, who identifies as 'Eric'.

While their 'love-making escapade' was relatively normal in the beginning, things took a bizarre turn when Liz reached her climatic point, because it just wouldn't end.

She then gave a detailed account of the rare incident, saying that even an hour after engaging in intercourse, she found herself still lost in the throes of her epic orgasm. The pleasurable moments were immediately replaced with fear.

"I started hopping up and down to see if that would do anything," Liz recounted on the show. "I started trying to drink wine to see if that would calm down my system. I tried just about every possible thing I could do to stop having an orgasm."

After two hours, the couple rushed to a local hospital where Liz was admitted into the ER. Her partner, Eric also weighed in on the disconcerting experience, stating his own awkward discomfort during Liz's hospital admission.

"As much of a relief as it was to have her in the hospital, now there were eyes on me and I was still feeling very tense and uptight and uncertain about what was going on and what was going to happen," he said. The couple also recalled the embarrassing moments, from glaring onlookers to the cynical perception of the hospital staff.

To say the least, doctors where flabbergasted by Liz's experience. Some medical specialists even assumed she was suffering from labor pains, but the orgasm finally subsided after the third hour.

Sex Sent Me to the ER airs on Saturdays 10:00 p.m. ET on the TLC channel.