Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Reunion Would Get Mama Jan's Blessing

Page Mackinley

It looks as if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, aka Jelena when they're together, are back for another shot at Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's try-again record. And the good news is, they have Mama Jan (Smith), Bieber's former vocal coach rooting for them.

Like the army of Selenators and Beliebers who voted 47.08% in favor of a reunion in MTV's recent poll, the Atlanta professional - who featured in Bieber's 2011 film Never Say Never - had only positive things to say about the pop stars when a Twitter user asked for her opinion.

"@OLLGVideo I think Justin and Selena are both wonderful people," Mama Jan tweeted on Sunday, a day after Justin posted a tender Instagram of himself and the Latina snuggling each other.

"And if they are good with each other then that's a beautiful thing. Mama J," she added.

Ms. Smith's take is interesting because she actually knows both singers, which gives her view more weight than the stampede of media outlets and fans criticizing even the idea of a reunion without firsthand knowledge of their relationship.

Hot on the heels of last week's Segways surprise and the Instagram captioned "Love the way you look at me," comes another possible insight into the pair's status.

Yesterday, the Canadian tweeted an Instagram of a sun-drenched, idyllic landscape with just one word, "Love." It seems Justin 2014 is less messy South American tour legs, and more rainbows, hearts and unicorns.

The power of Selena? Fans who support the apparent return of Jelena certainly think so.

But while some Gomez and Bieber fans aren't jazzed about their Instagram reunion (some suggested it's Photoshopped), MTV did find some level-headed fans who appear to have grasped the notion of free will. One such fan wrote:

— thank you justin☪ (@kidrxuhldrew) January 6, 2014

The turnaround in the relationship is all the more remarkable because less than three weeks ago Bieber admitted in an interview with Los Angeles' Power 106 radio that he and Gomez were "taking a little time and not talking."

So did 10 Music Mondays weeks of the 19-year-old wearing his "Heartbreaker" on his sleeve thaw the actress-singer's defences?

Who knows?

— Jan Smith (@ATLVox) January 5, 2014

Meanwhile, the Spring Breakers actress recently canceled the Australia and Asia legs of her Stars Dance Tour, saying she needed to focus on herself amid unconfirmed reports she is suffering from the autoimmune disease, Lupus.

Neither Bieber nor Gomez's reps have confirmed whether the twosome are dating again. But Ryan Seacrest (who is friendly with both stars) and TMZ seem to think the intimate selfie is clear proof.

So, until we hear otherwise, Jelena is back.

Do you agree with Mama Jan that it's a good thing if Justin and Selena have reunited?