Google NFC-Based Payment System Arriving May 26 On Nexus S 4G

Google is taking their rumored NFC-based payment system into the realm of reality on May 26, launching the program for their Nexus S 4G Smartphone on the Sprint network. The program will allow users to buy goods and use coupons at stores by simply waving their phones at VeriFone terminals that support the technology.

Google is expected to discuss the new system on Thursday and unfortunately no companies involved in the NFC system are agreeing to comment at this time.

It’s largely expected that the NFC system created at Google could become the first widely accepted system in the U.S. with multiple carriers slowing their plans for the Isis system and Google Android phones taking over the top selling spot from Apple’s iOS based devices.

Other company’s are working on NFC systems include Research in Motion, makers of the Blackberry line and Samsung. Rumors have also circulated that the next generation iPhone may also carry NFC technology since the Qualcomm chip rumored to be used for that devices production can support the technology.

Are you willing to pay for items and use coupons based on the ability to swipe your phone across a credit card terminal.