‘American Idol’ Alum Crystal Bowersox Speaks Out On ‘Coming Out’

American Idol alum Crystal Bowersox recently decided to make a life altering decision in an effort to express the essence of her individuality.

However, the 28-year-old singer took a more eclectic approach to voicing her sentiments. She put all of her feeling into her music to get her point across lyrically.

The American Idol ninth season runner-up actually released a holiday single titled, “Coming Out For Christmas”. The lyrics told a story about venturing home for the holidays, and sharing the news of ‘coming out’.

The song’s lyrical content immediately raised eyebrows as well as speculation, so Bowersox took to Twitter to address the situation, and set the record straight.

On Nov. 27, the singer-songwriter tweeted, “Let me set the record straight. I’m Bi. Pun intended.”

Now, over a month later, she’s responding to her announcement, giving an in-depth look on what her life has been like since her public admission.

Fortunately, Bowersox expressed that the overall experience has been ‘overwhelmingly positive’.

She recently sat down with On Top Magazine to discuss her fans’ reaction to the admission, and the public response she has received from the song.

“People are like no matter what, dreads or no dreads, whatever your orientation is, my fans are die hard and I love them for it. They take me as I am,” she said. Bowersox also admitted that she had reservations about ‘coming out’ during her tenure on American Idol.

“I was still kind of exploring myself and what I wanted out of life,” she said. “I was told from a young age that I was going to go to hell. So it’s something I was working through at the time.”

Bowersox also shared her reason for the decision to go public now. “I feel really confident this year and that’s a part of who I am and there’s no sense in keeping it to yourself,” she explained to Greg In Hollywood.

“I think the more people who come out who are in the public eye, the better chance some high school student has to love and accept themselves and feel confident enough to be open. Secrets are no fun.”

“Coming Out For Christmas” can be purchased via New York Rock Exchange.