‘Battlefield 4’: DERP Takes Responsibility For Bringing Down EA Servers

Battlefield 4 and the Electronic Arts (EA) Origin servers were effectively disabled following a DDos attack on Thursday (January 2).

As a result of the attack, players couldn’t gain access to the service or the games that use those login servers. Those hoping to do battle with some of their friends earlier this week were essentially left to play by themselves.

Shortly after the DDoS attack took place, EA issued an official statement on Twitter that confirmed something was seriously amiss with the login servers. The company told anxious gamers their team was working diligently behind-the-scenes to sort out the problem and put all the pieces back together.

“We’re working to resolve connectivity/login issues affecting various platforms/games. Thank you for your patience,” EA said in a statement.

Battlefield 4 and the Battlelog app were offline for a brief period as EA’s tech team worked on the server problem. Although the DDoS attack definitely caused quite a bit of trouble for gamers and the company, everything was reportedly back in working order three hours after the servers took the hit.

Who was responsible for momentarily disrupting your Battlefield 4 plans on Thursday? The hacker group known as DERP took responsibility for the attack. A message confirming their involvement eventually popped up on their Twitter feed.

Check out the tweet from DERP below.

DERP previously took responsibility for taking down League of Legends, Reddit, EA.com, and a few other servers in a calculated attack on professional Twitch streamer and gamer Phantoml0rd. Police also arrived at the guy’s house after someone reported a hostage situation taking place at his residence.

“Just had an automatic pointed at me, put in hand cuffs, and sat in the back of a cop car as I watched as six policemen go through my whole house,” Phantoml0rd wrote on Facebook.

Here’s how Reddit described the situation:

“A group called DERP is apparently DDoSing ‘League of Legends’ NA/EU/OCE servers. They also took down ‘Dota 2,’ Club Penguin, Battle.net, EA.com. They are taking down whatever game Phantoml0rd is playing (or perhaps, trying to play rolf). Most recent event is Phantoml0rd playing on OCE with stream fans and they took it down. On behalf of the ‘League of Legends’ situation, it seems like they are directly attacking Internap network, Riot’s service provider.”

Fortunately for Battlefield 4 players, the situation is apparently resolved. Your weekend of virtual military domination can commence without issues.